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Impact of Globalization on the World Economies Free Essay Example, 1250 words

There are very minute international financial activities in the world which will not get affected by the numerous changes in the U. S. economy. Hence, global outsourcing is no exception to this phenomenon. The present developments in the U. S. economy will definitely have great impacts on the outsourcing business. But there are two primary developments in the world economy. One of the major developments is actually in progress in the U. S. and is related to the unemployment problem. Since more and more people are looking towards the new government of Obama to restrict the outsourcing effect. But it must be remembered that the loss of a job is not primarily based on the outsourcing effect, rather it is dependent on attrition rate and job changes. Hence, the fact that the developed countries are losing jobs due to outsourcing to developing nations like China, India, and the Philippines is not exactly true. Another concurrent increase is the diminishing revenue margins of the compani es, which is again putting a lot of pressure on the management to find means to cut the costs and preserve the profit. We will write a custom essay sample on Impact of Globalization on the World Economies or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page

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Defense Mechanisms Are The Most Important Of The Ego Function

(1) According to Berzoff, Flanagan, Hertz, Basham, Heller, Mattei, Shilket (2011) defense mechanisms are the most important of the ego functions. One threat are problems among the different agencies of the mind (id, ego, superego). This occurs when individual’s unconscious wishes and fears are not attuned with behavior expectations of their family member, caregivers or friends (Berzoff et al., 2011). Another danger is the disturbance of the mental balance due to trauma. Trauma occurs when psychological steadiness is intervened when trying to cope with startling events (Berzoff et al., 2011). These encounters may have prompted for Susana to communicate various forms of defense mechanism, according the case study. One of the mechanisms Susana uses is regression. Regression is adopting behavior from an earlier period of development (Robbins et al., 2012). For example, this becomes clear with the obvious signs of Susana becoming clingier with her mom Jackie along with the hitting of scratching when she tries to stop her from unacceptable behaviors. A reason for this defense mechanism could be due to Jacquie’s relationship with her new boyfriend. Susana use to spend time with her mom and falling asleep however this has changed because Jacquie is no longer there on the weekends as she goes out. Susana’s actions correlate with regression because she is 5-year-old child but her outburst are coinciding with those of a toddler. This type of anger behavior is maladaptive because theyShow MoreRelatedThe Mental Zones Of Sigmund Freud1016 Words   |  5 Pagespsychoanalysis. The theory of psychoanalysis focuses on the concept of how our unconscious thoughts, feelings, and emotions play an active role in our daily lives. The id, ego, and superego are the three mental zones that encompass our psyche. Each zone has a specific function: The id functions on the pleasure principle; the ego on the protection of the individual; and the superego on protection of society. The degree of which each zone has been developed can be broken down and then analyzed. TheseRead MoreThe Thematic Apperception Test ( Tat )1322 Words   |  6 PagesApperception Test. The results demonstrated significant differences. According to the American Journal of Forensic Psychology, adolescent male sex offenders demonstrate perceptual distortion of their environment through the use of denial as a defense mechanism. Personality characteristics varied in areas such as the internalized values and attitudes, their external expression, and inflated self-esteem. The results concluded that adolescent sexual offender is characterized as a unique individual, aRead MoreThe Theory Of Personality : A Psychoanalytic Theory1084 Words   |  5 Pagesconsists of the interaction of three component parts of personality and the mind: the id, ego, and superego. These three components are separate, but work together to make up the self. Each of these are important when it comes to development, and they are all a part of everyone. However, even though these components a re at work in everyone, one may be more prominent in one person than another. It is important to understand what each of these components mean. The Id The id is the unconscious and impulsiveRead MoreEssay on Defense Mechanisms Unruly Id and Neddy1326 Words   |  6 PagesDefense Mechanisms Unruly Id and Neddy The Swimmer The idea of the human mind being composed of both a conscious and unconscious has been around for quite some time. Not until Sigmund Freud elaborated on these structures though were the ideas so popular and accepted. Freud described our conscious mind as what we are aware of in any present situation including our thoughts, ideas and perceptions. Freud also introduced us to the idea of the preconscious mind, which is closely related toRead MoreSigmund Freud s Theory Of Psychology And Psychology1073 Words   |  5 PagesLuwanna Perry Theories Counseling 06/27/2014 Sigmund Freud Sigmund Freud is considered to be the most important figures in the field of psychiatry and psychology. His ideas about psychoanalysis were developed in the 1800’s but are still being used today in the mental health field ( Sigmund Freud was one of the pioneers/innovator of modern-day psychology. â€Å"As the originator of psychoanalysis, Freud distinguished himself as anRead MoreEssay on Sigmund Freud on Human Nature1381 Words   |  6 Pagesaggression, the need for love, and the impulse to attain pleasure and avoid pain. These topics along with the model of the psyche embedded within the principles of pleasure and civilization form the most comprehensive theory of personality and human nature ever developed. The first and perhaps the most important point Freud makes is that Civilization succeeds over instinct. Instinct, he says, is neither good nor bad. Rather, they are classified within those categories according to their relation to theRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Schizophrenia Essay1656 Words   |  7 Pages(Mental Help, 2009). The most common type of delusion is that of persecution and the most common type of hallucinations are auditory (MHA, n.d.). These persecution stories can be inconsistent, meaning they do not follow a timeline. In addition, the patient is unable to give a great amount of detail about who is persecuting them, why they’re are being persecuted and when the persecution started. Another type of delusion is grandeur in which people believe they are someone important such as a respectableRead MoreThe Defense Mechanisms Of An Unconscious Level And Help Relief Unpleasant Feelings1649 Words   |  7 PagesFreud also believed that the ego exercises a range of defense mechanisms in order to deal with conflict and problems in life. Defense mechanisms operate at an unconscious level and help relief unpleasant feelings. There are many ego defense mechanisms, but a few examples of these include: regression, denial, projection, displacement, repression, and sublimation. Regression is when a person is so overwhelmed with their current issue that to protect themselves, they retreat to actions from an earlierRead Morehumun being1420 Words   |  6 Pagesthe human race. Structure of Personality:the personality consists of three systems – the id, the ego, and the superego.They operate together – one’s personality functions as a whole rather than as three discrete segments.From the orthodox Freudian perspective – humans are viewed as energy systems.The dynamics of personality consist of the ways in which psychic energy is distributed to the id, ego, and superego.The amount of energy one has is limited, therefore, one system gains control over availableRead MoreThe Theory Of The Drive Theory1650 Words   |  7 Pagesadequately released, anxiety results, but as the child develops, it learns to regulate such forces for its ultimate good and that of others. Freud believes that three components of psychology constitute development. He calls them the Id (instinctual drives) Ego (rational aspects of the mind, and Superego (internalization of parental prohibitions). The theory also purports that psychic determinism supports the concept of cause and effect, even if effect is the consequence of the unconscious or the preconscious

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Reproduction A Biological And Social Way Of Life

Jacky Wu SOCY 1100, Fall 2014 Professor Erbaugh Essay Assignment November 27th, 2014 Reproduction: A Biological and Social Way of Life Why do people usually stay in the same social class that they are born into, no more and no less than what they start out with? Is it an unwritten law of society engraved into our heads or something else in the world that does this? Society tells us to to strive for the best that we can be but in reality, people tend to stay in the same social class they were born into, whether it be working, middle or upper class but the reality is that it is nearly impossible to ascend to a higher social class. This is the cause of two things in your life while growing up, social reproduction and stratification a.k.a†¦show more content†¦For example, my parents came here from China in the 1980s without almost no money and they worked hard for nearly 30 years in order to become lower middle class citizens and what do they want from me? Not to work as hard as they did, but just for me to live a good, comfortable like they do now and that makes me another product of social reproduction. Soci al class also make a difference in educational institutions. Since the majority of the students in my high school were kids of middle or working class parents, there were not many social class differences in the school that I attended. But I did see lower class kids somewhat taking advantage of the upper class kids like going over the upper class kid s house to hang out because they had all the new game systems or a pool. Sometimes if you don t have money, it doesn t even matter whether even if you are highly educated. Although it didn t matter much in the school that I attended for high school, the working-class students in the law schools in the Granfield reading had issues due to their social class. They were often alienated for the upper class students in the prestigious law schools they attended despite their excellent college grades. They began to see themselves as different and subsequently developed measures in order to combat this. One measure they did was to fake that they were from a higher social class family in order to

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Recruiting Process of

Questions: 1.Your report should Identify the key messages about Google as an Organisation and as an Employer. 2.Incorporate HRM theory and literature to assess how Effective the video is in attracting the right Candidates. 3.Highlight the Challenges Organisations such as Google would face in their recruitment process. Answers: 1.Messages regarding Google as organization and for employer One of the most energizing and outstanding amongst other prominent associations on the world today is Google. The Google biggest mission expounds about its attempts to compose world's data in an example to make it available and helpful generally. Due to its inside organization cooperative culture it is ranked highest as motivation to characterize its execution as a best employer. A definitive worldwide firm Google is characterized in industry as very fiery that constantly engaged to work in the quick established condition. Google key messages are essential that depends on its idea that the supporting capacity of the workers in order to enhance work understanding (Antuon, 2016). It seems to be accurate with the conducted survey that workers of Google directory where most of the employees are fresh graduates who just have started their career. And, enthusiastic for conveying the best quality access to its customer around the world. The management of google is constantly working to make the entire process a lot better. This organization aims to vitally center the activties in community oriented way so as to produce effective result that help their prosperity which proclaims a reasonable message that draw in gathering of people in a more significant way (Butler, 2014). They works in an exceptionally captivating society, they acknowledge co-appointment, they generally works in a way that connect with a considerable lot of representatives mind together as group keeping in mind the end goal to produce powerful outcomes. For the Google engineers there is an extraordinary level of autonomy as a result of 20% Program. This enables their specialists to give 20% timing of employment to work for personal accomplishments an aspect its responsibilities portrayal.[1] This is implies that a designer have a complete right to employees to utilized some flexible working hours in any venture of their advantage (Barbazon, 2014). This has given employees a framework where they can work and used their knowledge to generate new ideas by critical thinking analysis. In spite of on the position of being all inclusive promoted the official of Google Company has expressed that they generally treat everybody similarly and dependably center to keep up a little firm feel. They support this thought since its empowers their specialists to interface each other. This will starts new thoughts by working together with different groups. Close to this just for representatives they generally offer a lot of advantages that urges them to work in a more capable way (Camron, 2017). The development depends on a piece of Google missions, the value the endeavors to being imaginative. Imagination is the principle reason that perceived its intense picture in the market. They engage representatives to being inventive. The way of life of the organization is dependably appears to be more engaged about the development and imagination first than different things (Clegg 2014). Hence the Google has appear at a huge position in market in delivering best values. This is helping them to keep its message accomplished. There messages is based on promoting best services to customers that are reasonable to them. The workers of Google are straight forward and creative and they are always focused to words their working (Gross, 2016). 2.Effectiveness of Google recruiting video in order to attract applicants Employing is one of the real parts of HRM; the accomplishment of association depends on the idea of procuring ideal individual for the correct employment. enrollment is initial step to join worker in the association (Killwae, 2014). The procedure begins from the producing the pool of competitors keeping in mind the end goal to enlist representative for the particular occupation positions. The group Google is dependably establishes practically cognizant with respect to the enrolling reason. They value those individuals for the working purposes that are innovaters and creative thinkers (Lazer, 2013). They concentrate on the approach that in view of the thought to procure those employees who exhibit best capacity of doing work as opposed to concentrating on the amount they are experienced. The selecting approach should be concise and straightforward that Google group follow-up keeping in mind the end goal to meet their recruitment issues. The group Google is the overall acknowledged gro up that has given the world another creative energy of looking and to keep its picture solid they are working in a persuasive culture. They are working in a culture that help each and others thoughts and energize doing filling in as a piece of group. The Google recuritment video has discovered extremely powerful in a reason to draw in the correct applicants. A portion of the various elements recognized by the video are explained as below Things happen One of Google representatives shared involvement by saying that Google is "Encompassed by brilliant and eager individuals and things happen rapidly" it implies this is something extremely compelling to people groups to get pulled in by Google. This demonstrates the Google has constantly strong and empowering for new comers and acknowledge new thoughts and suspecting that causes them to improved picture on the planet. Google support new thoughts of their representatives they put stock in their workers and put resources into them (Phillips, 2015).support their reasoning and thoughts that empowers them to take a shot at new innovative factor. The Google support the thoughts of the people groups and make their thoughts simple and conceivable to them. They are helping its workers to made their fantasies materializes. The employees have an idea that things they needed to do effectively occurs at this organization (Schoeppe, 2014).[2] Enormous Impact "Big Impact" appeared as the greatest system for Google. It generally supports and energize the representatives; they work next to each other with their worker's and value their endeavors. They mentor them to work in a more creative way. The representatives who worked at Google are so happy with the compelling society of Google. Administration of Google is constantly steady to their workers; they screen, support, mentor and coach them. It empowers specialist to work in a more significant way. This keep up the enormous effect on keep up their vocation in more powerful way. [3] Startup Sprit Google is a big organization that help and support workers to come forward with new ideas. It has given them a new sprite to work in proficient manner. Google provide them a free space environment where they can use their thinking creatively. This alleviating conditions empower their employees to approach with excited sprit. This urges specialists to grow up vocation. The consolation to start new startup is dependably is by all accounts significant by the clients. They are allowed to actualize their thoughts in an inventive and innovative way. These all the expressed focuses are the fundamental expounded focuses by the Google are its eager thought, quick reactions and huge accomplishments and these are the key fixings that Google looks for in hopefuls. Enthusiasm of doing work, high vitality level and working of new things and great correspondence that essentially made the Google to accomplish its goal.[4] Challenges faced by Google in process of Recuritment Recruitment process and choice systems are capable for procuring subjective worker. This procedure for repeating and determinations are not generally smooth cruising. Recruitment process requires careful planning. Managers are so conscious about choosing an appropriate method for recruiting purpose. Recruiting is a very challenging task that requires careful strategies to make good decision. Some of the essential factors to be consider during recruiting process stated as follows: Choosing a suitable recruitment procedure is the main testing step that should be engaged by assurance to dissect for the required cost estimation needed for the entire process of employees recruitment. It is very difficult to deal with entire recruitment process. Despite the fact that Google is on best firm working with most noteworthy rank on the planet, yet at the same time is cognizant about dealing with the cost. Keeping in mind the end goal to take care of the staffing demand the Google is dealing with their cost in a suitable way. Overseeing costs in a suitable way is one of the most prominent factor that requires a proper handling (Sikkens, 2017). Interviewing abilities are essential and this places a noteworthy part in a procedure of enlistment and choice. The Google is working with professionally arranged individuals. These are the people groups, who exhibit best talking aptitudes, the meeting criteria of Google is for the most part in light of the board meets that empower them to settle on the best employing choice. To take decisions about workers Google has always taken a concise decision. For Google its mission statement is completely comprise of innovations, the efforts of employees to being innovative in working is always appreciate by Google. The have successfully made a bold image in the market because of being so innovative in delivering services. They are the part of highly influenced culture (Tyson, 2015). References Antoun, C., Zhang, C., Conrad, F. G., Schober, M. F. (2016). Comparisons of online recruitment strategies for convenience samples: Craigslist, Google AdWords, Facebook, and Amazon Mechanical Turk.Field Methods,28(3), 231-246. Butler, D. (2013). Google got high recruitment skills.Nature,494(7436), 155. Brabazon, T. (2016).The University of Google: Education in the (post) information age. Routledge. Cameron, K. A., Harrison, P. L. (2016). Patterns of scleractinian coral recruitment at Lord Howe Island, an isolated subtropical reef off eastern Australia.Coral Reefs,35(2), 555-564. Clegg, A., Relton, C., Young, J., Witham, M. (2015). Improving recruitment of older people to clinical trials: use of the cohort multiple randomised controlled trial design.Age and ageing,44(4), 547-550. Gross, M. S., Liu, N. H., Contreras, O., Muoz, R. F., Leykin, Y. (2014). Using Google AdWords for international multilingual recruitment to health research websites.Journal of medical Internet research,16(1). Killawi, A., Khidir, A., Elnashar, M., Abdelrahim, H., Hammoud, M., Elliott, H., ... Fetters, M. D. (2014). Procedures of recruiting, obtaining informed consent, and compensating research participants in Qatar: findings from a qualitative investigation.BMC medical ethics,15(1), 9. Lazer, D., Kennedy, R., King, G., Vespignani, A. (2014). The parable of Google Flu: traps in big data analysis.Science,343(6176), 1203-1205. Phillips, J. M., Gully, S. M. (2015). Multilevel and strategic recruiting: where have we been, where can we go from here?.Journal of Management,41(5), 1416-1445. Schoeppe, S., Oliver, M., Badland, H. M., Burke, M., Duncan, M. J. (2014). Recruitment and retention of children in behavioral health risk factor studies: REACH strategies.International journal of behavioral medicine,21(5), 794-803. Sikkens, E., van San, M., Sieckelinck, S., Boeije, H., de Winter, M. (2017). Participant Recruitment through Social Media: Lessons Learned from a Qualitative Radicalization Study Using Facebook.Field Methods,29(2), 130-139. Tyson, S. F., Thomas, N., Vail, A., Tyrrell, P. (2015). Recruiting to inpatient-based rehabilitation trials: lessons learned.Trials,16(1), 75.

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American Revolution - Treaty of Alliance (1778)

American Revolution - Treaty of Alliance (1778) The Treaty of Alliance (1778) between the United State and France was signed February 6, 1778. Concluded between the government of King Louis XVI and the Second Continental Congress, the treaty proved critical to the United States winning its independence from Great Britain. Intended as a defensive alliance, it saw France provide both supplies and troops to the Americans while also mounting campaigns against other British colonies. The alliance continued after the American Revolution but effectively ended with the start of the French Revolution in 1789. Relations between the two nations deteriorated in the 1790s and led to the undeclared Quasi-War. This conflict was ended by the Treaty of Mortefontaine in 1800 which also formally terminated the 1778 Treaty of Alliance. Background As the American Revolution progressed, it became obvious to the Continental Congress that foreign aid and alliances would be necessary to achieve victory. In the wake of the Declaration of Independence in July 1776, a template was created for potential commercial treaties with France and Spain. Based on the ideals of free and reciprocal trade, this Model Treaty was approved by Congress on September 17, 1776. The following day, Congress appointed a group of commissioners, led by Benjamin Franklin, and dispatched them to France to negotiate an agreement. It was thought that France would prove a likely ally as it had been seeking revenge for its defeat in the Seven Years War thirteen years earlier. While not initially tasked with requesting direct military assistance, the commission received orders instructing it to seek most favored nation trading status as well as military aid and supplies. Additionally, they were to reassure Spanish officials in Paris that the colonies had no designs on Spanish lands in the Americas.   Treaty of Alliance (1778) Conflict: American Revolution (1775-1783)Nations Involved: United States and FranceSigned: February 6, 1778Ended: September 30, 1800 by the Treaty of MortefontaineEffects: The alliance with France proved critical to the United States winning its independence from Great Britain. FReception in France Pleased with the Declaration of Independence and the recent American victory at the Siege of Boston, the French Foreign Minister, Comte de Vergennes, was initially in support of a full alliance with the rebelling colonies. This quickly cooled following General George Washingtons defeat at Long Island, the loss of New York City, and subsequent losses at White Plains and Fort Washington that summer and fall. Arriving in Paris, Franklin was warmly received by the French aristocracy and became popular in influential social circles. Seen as a representative of republican simplicity and honesty, Franklin worked to bolster the American cause behind the scenes. Benjamin Franklin in Paris. Public Domain Aid to the Americans Franklins arrival was noted by the government of King Louis XVI, but despite the kings interest in assisting the Americans, the countrys financial and diplomatic situations precluded providing outright military aid. An effective diplomat, Franklin was able to work through back channels to open a stream of covert aid from France to America, as well as began recruiting officers, such as the Marquis de Lafayette and Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben. He also succeeded in obtaining critical loans to aid in financing the war effort. Despite French reservations, talks regarding an alliance progressed. The French Convinced Vacillating over an alliance with the Americans, Vergennes spent much of 1777 working to secure an alliance with Spain. In doing so, he eased Spains concerns over American intentions regarding Spanish lands in the Americas. Following the American victory at the Battle of Saratoga in the fall of 1777, and concerned about secret British peace overtures to the Americans, Vergennes and Louis XVI elected to forego waiting for Spanish support and offered Franklin an official military alliance. Surrender of Burgoyne at Saratoga by John Trumbull. Photograph Courtesy of the Architect of the Capitol The Treaty of Alliance (1778) Meeting at the Hotel de Crillon on February 6, 1778, Franklin, along with fellow commissioners Silas Deane and Arthur Lee signed the treaty for the United States while France was represented by Conrad Alexandre Gà ©rard de Rayneval. In addition, the men signed the Franco-American Treaty of Amity and Commerce which was largely based on the Model Treaty. The Treaty of Alliance (1778) was a defensive agreement stating that France would ally with the United States if the former went to war with Britain. In the case of war, the two nations would work together to defeat the common foe. The treaty also set forth land claims for after the conflict and essentially granted the United States all territory conquered in North America while France would retain those lands and islands captured in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. In regard to ending the conflict, the treaty dictated that neither side would make peace without the consent of the other and that the United States independence would be recognized by Britain. An article was also included stipulating that additional nations may join the alliance in the hope that Spain would enter the war. Effects of the Treaty On March 13, 1778, the French government informed London that they had formally recognized the independence of the United States and had concluded the Treaties of Alliance and Amity and Commerce. Four days later, Britain declared war on France formally activating the alliance. Spain would enter the war in June 1779 after concluding the Treaty of Aranjuez with France. The entry of France into the war proved a key turning point in the conflict. French arms and supplies began to flow across the Atlantic to the Americans. In addition, the threat posed by the French military forced Britain to redeploy forces from North America to defend other parts of the empire including critical economic colonies in the West Indies. As a result, the scope of British action in North America was limited. Though initial Franco-American operations at Newport, RI and Savannah, GA proved unsuccessful, the arrival of a French army in 1780, led by Comte de Rochambeau, would prove key to the wars final campaign. Supported by Rear Admiral Comte de Grasses French fleet which defeated the British at the Battle of the Chesapeake, Washington and Rochambeau moved south from New York in September 1781. Surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown by John Trumbull. Photograph Courtesy of the US Government Cornering the British army of Major General Lord Charles Cornwallis, they defeated him at the Battle of Yorktown in September-October 1781. Cornwallis surrender effectively ended the fighting in North America. During 1782, relations between the allies became strained as the British began pressing for peace. Though largely negotiating independently, the Americans concluded the Treaty of Paris in 1783 which ended the war between Britain and the United States. In accordance with the Treaty of Alliance, this peace agreement was first reviewed and approved by the French. Nullification of the Alliance With the end of the war, people in the United States began to question the duration of the treaty as no end date to the alliance was stipulated. While some, such as Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, believed that the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789 ended the agreement, others, such as Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, believed that it remained in effect. With the execution of Louis XVI in 1793, most European leaders agreed that treaties with France were null and void. Despite this, Jefferson believed the treaty to be valid and was backed by President Washington. As the Wars of the French Revolution began to consume Europe, Washingtons Proclamation of Neutrality and the subsequent Neutrality Act of 1794 eliminated many of the treatys military provisions. Franco-American relations began a steady decline which was worsened by the 1794 Jay Treaty between the United States and Britain. This began several years of diplomatic incidents which culminated with the undeclared Quasi-War of 1798-1800. USS Constellation (1797) engages LInsurgente during the Quasi-War with France, February 9, 1799. U.S. Naval History Heritage Command Fought largely at sea, it saw numerous clashes between American and French warships and privateers. As part of the conflict, Congress rescinded all treaties with France on July 7, 1798. Two years later,  William Vans Murray, Oliver Ellsworth, and William Richardson Davie were dispatched to France to commence peace talks. These efforts resulted in the Treaty of Mortefontaine (Convention of 1800) on September 30, 1800 which ended the conflict. This agreement officially ended the alliance created by the 1778 treaty.

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Bits and Bytes

Bits and Bytes Bits and Bytes Bits and Bytes By Simon Kewin In its election manifesto, one of the major political parties in the UK recently promised to provide virtually every household in the country a broadband service of at least 2 megabytes per second by 2012. The â€Å"2 megabytes per second† was actually a mistake. A speed of two megabytes per second is the same way as saying 16 megabits per second, a speed which is technically feasible, but unlikely to be universally available in the UK any time soon. The sentence was altered in later versions of the manifesto to the much more realistic â€Å"2 megabits per second†. The typo, however, highlights how easy it is to make mistakes using technical language where words often have very specific meanings. If you’re using terminology from medicine, computers, statistics etc., it pays to check that you have each term correct. In this case, the original authors confused the words bit and byte. Both are units of computer memory/storage. A bit is the smallest amount of storage, a 0 or a 1, the word formed from a blend of â€Å"binary† and â€Å"digit†. A byte, on the other hand, is a collection of bits – almost always eight of them. So, a kilobyte is eight times larger than a kilobit. While computer memory is generally expressed as a number of bytes (kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes etc.), network speeds are generally expressed as a number of bits per second (kilobits, megabits, gigabits etc.) The terms are very easy to confuse especially when they are abbreviated to just â€Å"meg†, â€Å"gig† etc. as both sets sometimes are. But, a broadband speed of â€Å"2 meg† would always mean â€Å"2 megabits per second† and never â€Å"2 megabytes per second†. Abbreviations are often used for these terms, and the same care needs to be taken. For example, the abbreviation for megabyte is MB whereas the abbreviation for megabit is Mb. The case of the â€Å"b† makes all the difference. The same is true for kilobytes/kilobits (KB/Kb), gigabytes/gigabits (GB/Gb) and so forth. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Vocabulary category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:100 Words for Facial ExpressionsSelect vs. SelectedThe Difference Between "Shade" and "Shadow"

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Recruitment and selection consultation Assignment

Recruitment and selection consultation - Assignment Example The company seeks to recruit a staffing officer who will be responsible for sorting out resumes of potential candidates as required by different employers as well as to conduct interviews. This person should have experience in the field of human resources management. Suitably qualified candidates will be selected on the basis of their education as well as experience. Candidates will be invited to submit their resumes online and aspects such as employee referrals will be seriously taken into consideration. Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews. The company shall not discriminate potential candidates on the basis of race or gender. Any person who has knowledge about Australian labour practices will be considered for the position. The company will mainly consider the level of education and experience of the candidates. All people who meet the requirements for the position will be given equal opportunities and will be required to prove that they are competent enough for the position. The other policy of the company is that effort should be made to verify the referees provided by the applicant. This helps to screen the candidates so as to remain with the best people who can fill the vacant positions. The third policy of the company is that all applications should be done online and the candidates will be required to submit their resumes and other relevant information online. The company will maintain a strict policy that all information about the applicants will be treated as confident and will not be divulged to other third parties. The post for the job will be advertised in national newspapers. The company will also use its official website to advertise for the post. All candidates will be required to submit their CVs through the official website of the company. The candidates will be invited by phone to attend the interviews for the